Kiernan A. Alati

My name is Kiernan Alati and I am a junior at Keene State College studying History with a minor in Communications. History has always been a subject I have always been drawn to. I always felt like history was one of the most important subjects as it can have massive impacts on how the entire world is shaped and how things are remembered and recognized. I was born and raised in New Hampshire, mostly bouncing back and forth between Bedford and Manchester.

Throughout the semester I hope to research the evolution of political cartoons as well as the differences between cartoons published in the North and the South throughout the Civil War. These cartoons are snapshots of the feelings and morale of both civilians and military at various points in the war, before and after losses, through changes in laws and shifts in global politics. Political Cartoons are a more personal and specific view into the minds of those who lived through these events as well as the popular culture that was contemporary at the time.

A Seminar at Keene State College