The Book, 2018

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Civil War Research Book

Table of Contents

Section 1: The Road to War

Nicholas M. Yialiades, “Pre-War Politics in the Papers: The Role of the Newspaper in Sparking the Civil War,”  website

Section 2: Combatants

Jordan J. Bruso, “Granite State Warriors: The Professionalization of Civilian Soldiers during the Civil War,” website

Peter L. Powers, “Spies and Stuff: Espionage in the Civil War,”  website

Sean R. Curtin, “John Wilkes Booth, Actor, Lover, Killer: Challenging the Conspiracy Theory Behind the Assassination of President Abraham Lincoln,”  website

Section 3: Women

Taylor A. Montgomery, “Navigating Agency within Oppression,”  website

Patrick C. Driscoll, “Rebelling Against Rebellion: Southern White Women during the Civil War,”  website

Sean M. Sodders, “Women of the Union,”  website

Section 4: Culture

Raymond M. Alosky, “Through the Lens of the Civil War,”  website

Matthew S. Geary, “The Christian Civil War: A Study on Religion’s Role Leading up to and during the American Civil War,”  website

Jesse J. Guerra, “Baseball: From Muskets to Bats,”  website

Section 5: Memory

Paul I. Beling, “The Power of Race in the Bluegrass State: Memory of the Civil War,”  website

Tristan D. Slicer, “Memorial Day: An American Tradition of Forgetting,”  website

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