Casandra M. Stoica

Hello! My name is Casandra Stoica. I am a junior here at Keene State College, currently working towards a dual degree in History and Secondary Education. I’m also the treasurer of the Women’s Rugby Team and soon to be president! If I’m not working in class assignments or at practice, I’m most likely going on long drives or binging TV shows (currently binging Shameless for the third time). I’m from a small town called Monroe, located in Southern Connecticut. My hometown has a surprisingly large amount of history to offer, both stories connected to the country and stories unique to the area. I’ve been interested in history since a young age. I don’t think there is anything more fascinating than standing in the same spot of historical significance. I plan to teach history to middle or high school students because I think it’s important for people to understand, not only their country’s history, but also the history of areas most important to them.

Because of this, I plan to spend this semester researching how the Civil War affected education for all types of students. I plan to investigate all groups of people: White and African American children, adults, and even orphans who lost their parents to the war. I don’t intend to compare education in the North to the South, but I don’t plan on hindering any type of interesting discoveries. Topics to expect to see are educational advocates like Governor Gregg Curtin, the Freedman’s Bureau, and how churches played a role in education. I hope you enjoy browsing my site!

A Seminar at Keene State College