Sean Curtin

My name is Sean Curtin and I am a senior at Keene State College. I am a history major with a focus on U.S history. I am from Beverly, Massachusetts, born and raised there,  and  still currently reside there. I am going to be eventually student teaching and getting my masters in Education in Massachusetts after graduation in hopes to one day teach High School history and coach along the way.

For my blog research project I had many ideas but decided to go with John Wilkes Booth. It is a known fact he killed President Lincoln but when I was thinking about possible topics for my research I stumbled upon many things I did not know about him. And after all, this is one of the greatest mysteries in all of history. Historians have dedicated their lives to the research about the President’s killing and what led Booth to do so. My research will focus on his life and eventual lead up to the killing the president. My goal is not to make people believe one specific theory, but to explore them all and let people decide for themselves.


A Seminar at Keene State College