The Book, 2021

Civil War Research Seminar, Keene State College,
Spring 2021

The Book, Volume 4

Table of Contents

Please download the entire book here.

Part I. Hearing Voices

Chapter 1. Jiana Lotito, “Race, Politics, and the Fight for Tribal Sovereignty: The Memory of the Cherokee Nation in the Civil War” website

Chapter 2. Emily Maturo, “Women in the Civil War Era” website

Part II. Men at War

Chapter 3. Robert Brangan, “Making Georgia Howl: The Importance of Sherman’s March” website

Chapter 4. Thomas Townsend, “Orrin Thayer and Winfield Groton: The Post-War Experiences of Two Ancestors” website

Part III. Memory

Chapter 5. Richard Kipphut, “The Politicization of Civil War Memory” website

Chapter 6. Nathaniel Jarvie, “American Battlefield Preservation: Its Role in American Society” website

Chapter 7. Camden Merritt, “The Second Reconstruction: Civil War Memory in the 1960s” website

Part IV. Nazis!

Chapter 8. Colin Meehan, “‘United again in common defense of their Aryan birthright’: Nazi Views on the Confederacy” website

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