Katie A. Richard

My name is Katie Richard. I am a continuing education student at Keene State College, who will be graduating this May. I am a History major who enjoys studying the reasons behind societal changes throughout American History. I am from Jaffrey, New Hampshire. I spend my days taking care of my dogs, Zoey and Baloo, and enjoy organizing my growing Lego collection.

I would like to focus my research on Civil War movies and how they impacted and demonstrated societal issues, politics, and Civil War memory. Finding sources to discuss the accuracy of plots and comparing themes of movies I hope to show how portrayals of different stereotypes and their “authentic” experiences affected society. I hope to find evidence that the timing of releases could have affected politics. I hope to investigate and compare themes of movies made after the Civil War to see if there are any changes in how the war is remembered.

A Seminar at Keene State College