Hannah E. Landry

My name is Hannah Landry, I am currently a Junior at Keene State College studying Secondary Education and American Studies. I was born and lived in South Boston, Massachusetts and when I was young my parents and I moved to Acton, Massachusetts and have been living there with my mother, father, and younger brother (18) ever since. I have been interested in learning and researching American history from the colonial period up until the great depression since I was in elementary school and won a raffle for an old history textbook. Since coming to college and furthering my historical knowledge I have gained an interest in looking at those who were oppressed during various historical periods. In the future I hope to work as an educator teaching civics and psychology to high schoolers. 

My research will focus on slave rebellions leading up to the Civil War. I will be comparing what happened at the Stono Rebellion in 1739 and the Nat Turner Rebellion in 1831. I will also examine the slave codes, and societal fear leading up to and coming out of these rebellions. These all played into a major cause of the Civil War. The overall debate was about the humanity of enslaving human beings.

A Seminar at Keene State College