Chelsey Johnson

My name is Chelsey Johnson and I am a senior at Keene State College. I am majoring in Elementary Education as well as European History. My passion is to teach children, but I also really enjoying studying about history, and hope that maybe someday I can receive my certification to teach history. I was born in Keene, NH and have lived in New Hampshire my whole life. My hobbies are photography, playing sports, hiking, camping, and kayaking.

For my research paper I will be researching the battles of Gettysburg and Chancellorsville to see what effects they had on society. I am also going to be delving deeper into the role of New Hampshire in the battle of Gettysburg. I am aware that several units from New Hampshire were sent to Gettysburg, so I would like to find out what kind of role they played in the battle. Additionally, I am aware that newspapers use propaganda to portray certain images of war to its readers, so I would like to see how newspapers in New Hampshire portrayed the battle to their readers.

A Seminar at Keene State College