The Book, 2020

Civil War Research Seminar, Keene State College, Spring 2020

The Book, Volume 3

Table of Contents

Please download the whole book here.

Part I.  Death and Culture. . .and Art

Chapter 1.  Lydia Hurley, “The Reformation of American Children: How the American Civil War Left a Lasting Impact on the Lives of Children”  website

Chapter 2.  Betsy Street, “Hard Tack, Ham Fat, and Death: Nelson’s Civil War”  website

Chapter 3. Graham Kaletsky, “Art and the Civil War”  website

Part II.  Medicine and Science

Chapter 4. Laura Ruttle, “‘Removed’: American Midwives in the Nineteenth Century and Civil War”  website

Chapter 5. Timothy Hastings, “Quantifying Inferiority: Scientific Racism, Biological Determinism, and the American Civil War”  website

Chapter 6. Ryan Goff, “The Evolution of Medicine Due to the Civil War”  website

Part III.  Military and Soldiers

Chapter 7. Kyle Gilmore, “Snipping the Sinews of War: How the Union Blockade Strangled the Confederate Economy”   website

Chapter 8. Cole Tollett, “The Texas Brigade”  website

Chapter 9. Zachary Grupp, “The Value of Southern Honor: How Confederate Irregulars Became American Outlaws”  website

Chapter 10. Michael Fremeau, “Pride in One’s Country or Hatred for the South? Why New England Soldiers Fought in the Civil War”  website

Part IV.  Politics and Abolitionism

Chapter 11. Amber Hobbs, “Running the Underground Railroad”  website

Chapter 12. Lydia Mardin, “Political Slavery and Personal Freedom: Federal Legislation of the Underground Railroad”  website

Chapter 13.  Molly Ryan, “The Battle of Abraham Lincoln’s Reelection”  website

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