The Book, 2022

Civil War Research Seminar, Keene State College, Spring 2022

The Book, Volume 5

Table of Contents

Please download the entire book here.

Part I. Slavery and Resistance

Chapter 1. Frances Beebe, “The Black Church: The Struggle for African-American Personhood and Freedom in Nineteenth-Century America” website

Chapter 2. Courtney M. Chouinard, “The Importance of the Slave Family: Agency and Resilience Against Social Death” website

Chapter 3. Hannah E. Landry, “How Slave Rebellions Led to the Civil War” website

Chapter 4. Kathleen B. McDonough, “The Underground Railroad: Black and White” website

Part II. Great (Dead) White Men

Chapter 5. Dominic M. Lynch, “The Forgotten President: A Look into The Confederacy’s First and Only President, Jefferson Davis” website

Chapter 6. Sayre J. Cronin, “What If Lincoln Lived” website

Part III. Winning a War

Chapter 7. Kiernan A. Alati, “Civil War Political Cartoons: An Editorial Commentary on the Civil War” website

Chapter 8. Bailey A. Buchan, “The Environment and The Civil War: The Unspoken Contributor” website

Chapter 9. Andrew D. Higgins, “Railroads are Not the Reason” website

Chapter 10. Benjamin Nelson-Betz, “The Massachusetts 54th Infantry Regiment’s Impact on the Union Victory” website

Part IV. Legacies

Chapter 11. Patrick K. Carey, “U.S. Civil War: Illness and Psychological Effects” website

Chapter 12. Adrian J. DuVerger, “War Crimes and Criminals: Defining the Laws of War in 1865” website

Chapter 13. Casandra M. Stoica, “Education and the Civil War” website

Chapter 14. Julianna R. Benducci, “Women’s Suffrage: Before the 19th Amendment” website

Chapter 15. Sabrina S. Gatlin, “Disorder of American Cities in a Post-Civil War Society” website

Chapter 16. Eric T. Silverman, Jr., “Intentional Failure: The Legacy of Reconstruction’s Intentional Failure for African Americans” website

Part V. Memory and Its Uses

Chapter 17. Leopold J. Fleming, “The Performative Nature of Pain: The Cultural Significance in the Behaviors of the Ku Klux Klan” website

Chapter 18. Alexandria E. Holmes, “Memory and Commemoration of the Civil War” website

Chapter 19. Katie A. Richard, “Evaluating the Mythmaking Machine: Hollywood’s Detrimental Effect on Civil War Memory” website

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