Sayre J. Cronin

I’m Sayre Cronin. I come from Lincoln, New Hampshire. I am currently a junior here at Keene State studying Secondary Education and History. Even from middle school I have had a fascination with history that was able to grow through grade school with the help of my teachers. I have always wanted to gain more information when it comes to history over any period. I think that being able to look at history and understand the impacts of certain events has always been really important, and something that more people should appreciate and be able to do. 

Over the course of the semester, I plan on researching the impacts of Lincoln’s death on the United States in several major aspects. These aspects would include any economic or political changes in the Unites States following the Civil War. I will also be looking at what type of leader Lincoln may have been following the Civil War based on what he had said based on the topic of civil rights. Moreover, I intend to compare what Lincoln had planned to Johnson’s plan and try to determine which would have been better for the nation as a whole. To put this all into perspective I will then look at reactions from the time to everything that was going on, such as, Lincoln’s death, the plans being put into effect, and what Lincoln would have done. 

A Seminar at Keene State College