Molly M. Ryan

Hello! My Name is Molly Ryan, and I am a Junior here at Keene State College. I am double majoring in History and Secondary Education while also double minoring in French and International Studies. I am from the town of Windham, New Hampshire, where I discovered my passion for history, specifically modern-world history. I plan on graduating next spring with a certification in secondary education so that I can pursue a teaching career. I hope to eventually obtain a Master’s in either History or International Studies. In my free time here at Keene State College, I am a choreographer for group theatre and the treasurer of French Club. I am also a tour guide for the college.

My Research Paper is about the reelection of Abraham Lincoln in 1864; specifically, how he went from a demoralized sense that he would not win the 1864 election to another term in office. The Republican Party was unsure they would set Lincoln as their nominee until after the Summer of 1864. Historians write that it was the capture of Atlanta that secured Lincoln’s renomination and his subsequent victory. With that, I want to include how war presidents, specifically Lincoln, tend to rely on military victories and battles as political strategies. I plan on researching newspapers from New Hampshire and other areas of the nation and reading historical books on the reelection for sources.

A Seminar at Keene State College