Ryan C. Goff

Welcome to my website. My name is Ryan Goff and I am a senior at Keene State College. I am majoring in History and also working on getting my Teachers certificate. I am from Ridgefield, Connecticut, a small town on the border of New York and Connecticut. Outside of school I am a big lover of all sports and learning the history of sports is one of my greatest pastimes.

I hope when you go through and read my blogs and research, that I made a well written and well researched paper. Enjoy! The research that I focused on for this paper is the history of Civil War medicine. My website will include and cover how medicine was used during this time period of war and what kind of medicine was available at that day of age. My reasoning for focusing on this topic is to bring and enlighten the public of the history of Civil War medicine. I want to show how the medicine of that time saved lives, but also to show the lack of knowledge we had in the time period compared to the medicine that we see today. Overall, I will show how medicine looked like at the beginning of the war and how medicine looked like by the end of the war.

A Seminar at Keene State College