Nicholas Yialiades

Hello! My name is Nicholas Yialiades, and I am a junior at Keene State. I am a triple major studying history, English, and secondary education. I grew up locally in Hinsdale, NH, where I continue to live.
I have always been intrigued by the politics of the Antebellum Period, and am interested in further researching how these political divisions came about and how they contributed to the Civil War.

The focus of my research this semester will be to look specifically at the politics of the 1850s and how the growing print media acted both as a tool in reporting on political events and in shaping political attitudes. By considering specific events in the years leading up to the outbreak of war, I will present how they were portrayed by newspapers with different sectional and political affiliations and the influence that such reporting had, in turn, on the papers’ readership.

Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper, June 27, 1857, Library of Congress


A Seminar at Keene State College