Cody Gadsby

My name is Cody Gadsby, and I am a junior at Keene State College. I am a double major which includes secondary education and U.S. history. I also am getting a social studies certification. I am considering doing my Master’s at Keene State for education. I am from Derry, New Hampshire and plan on staying in New Hampshire for my career. Outside of college I work for a fire alarm company and coach baseball. Also, family life is a big part of my life. I hope to bring you all a well-researched and written paper.

The research that I will be focusing on for this paper will be Civil War medicine. It will also encompass how it affected life for people after the war. Paper will go through what was Civil War medicine and how it evolved throughout the war. Research will go through what doctors and nurses did and it will go in depth to open up the mind. To enlighten the public’s knowledge to understand that the medicine wasn’t just chopping off limbs. Also, this paper will end with how medicine affected people after the war and how they dealt with it. I hope you enjoy this paper.

A Seminar at Keene State College