Taylor W. Smith

Hello, my name is Taylor Walter Smith and at the time of my writing this I am a second semester junior at Keene State College. I was born in Newton-Wellesley, Massachusetts in 1998, however I have lived in Hingham, Massachusetts throughout both decades of my life so far. I am a history major with a focus on 20th century history, specifically World War history. I also enjoy both reading and writing.

Throughout the semester I hope to research the development of military technology and tactics during the American Civil War. I plan on researching the technologies of both the Union and Confederate armies as well as a couple European armies both during and after the Civil War in order to point out discrepancies and similarities between not only the equipment itself; but the doctrine and use of this equipment and in turn the vast differences between American and European tactics and warfare the time.

Rifles, Springfield Armory

A Seminar at Keene State College